About us

MX Biotech have completed control over securing the best food safety. Although the company has the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility, what really helps us succeed are the values we abide by and the customers feedback throughout the company.

We complete control over securing the best food safety

Quality control- SGS certified

Ingredients control- all ingredients are organic and natural

Material control- all materials are  certified

Profession- provide professional registered dietitian FAQ

Vannessa Lin, the founder of MX Biotech emphasizes not only on beauty but also focuses on maintaining a healthy condition. She has been purchasing health food for many years; However, one of her family members’ illness was caused by the side effect of other products. She told herself that she has to stand out and do something with this problem. Unclear and false product information labeling makes the founder wanted to start a trustworthy brand that can provide the best quality product to the customers